Allyson Terry joined the lab!

Allyson Terry, a 2nd year graduate student in the Molecular and Medical Pharmacology home area, joined the Reed Lab in July 2018. Her research will focus on the interactions between the innate and adaptive immune systems during ischemia-reperfusion injury (IRI) in human liver transplant patients. The ultimate goal of her project is to elucidate the mechanisms by which IRI occurs and to develop treatment strategies to decrease occurrence of IRI, therefore decreasing the risk of graft rejection.

Allyson joins the lab with five years of experience in industry developing therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and one year of graduate training. She decided to pursue a graduate education to gain more understanding of immunology, experience the academic research setting, and perform research that is more translational than her previous positions. Outside of the lab, she enjoys the local Los Angeles food scene and spending time with friends and family.

Welcome Allyson!