Adil Bhat joined the lab!

Adil Bhat joined the Reed Lab as a postdoctoral scholar in October 2020. His research focuses on deciphering the complex biological interactions that drive liver transplantation reperfusion damage. Research project he currently working is 'Innate and Adaptive Immune Mechanisms of Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury (IRI) in Transplantation'. The goal of his project is to identifying the DAMPs, cofactors, and pattern recognition receptors (PRRs) responsible for myeloid cell plasticity and alloreactivity following liver IRI. Understanding the effects of DAMP/PRR signaling on cellular and humoral alloimmunity would allow for the development of therapeutic treatments and, may improve liver transplant outcomes.

Adil earned his Ph.D. in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Medicine from the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences (ILBS) New Delhi, India. He investigated the role of platelet and derived growth factors in liver regeneration in his Ph.D. thesis. His research focused on understanding the mechanism of liver regeneration deficiency in transplant recipients utilizing a multiomics approach. During his Ph.D., he investigated the pro-inflammatory and coagulatory effects of increased oxidized albumin in alcoholic liver disease on the innate immune response. Studies of immunological response in liver transplantation caught his interest. With this zeal, he was eager to learn more and expand his knowledge about the subject at the Reed Lab. Outside of the lab, Adil likes cooking, music, reading, and cycling as well as playing cricket.

Welcome Adil!