Tarique Anwar joined the lab!

Tarique Anwar, a postdoctoral research scholar, joined the Reed lab in January 2019. The overarching goal of his research project is to advance understanding of the signaling pathways that regulate transcriptional programs stimulated by HLA class I and HLA class II antibodies in endothelial cells. His project aims to design novel approaches to improve the outcome of organ transplantation. His research activities primarily focus on YAP/TEAD signaling in promoting the proliferation and migration of endothelial cells challenged with antibodies directed against HLA I and HLA II.

Tarique finished his PhD in Dr. Gayatri Ramakrishna’s laboratory at Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics, India. In his PhD dissertation, he did a comprehensive study on growth arrest conditions of senescence and quiescence. After his PhD, he joined Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as a postdoctoral scholar for one year where his research aimed to characterize the inflammasome components and explore their roles in regulatory mechanisms like proliferation, senescence, cell death, autophagy, metabolism etc. Outside of the lab, he enjoys cooking and sleeping.

Welcome Tarique!